When Is Manual Inventory Necessary?

Cross Channel Inventory was designed to limit the amount of manual adjustment to inventory on a day to day basis. The entire point and purpose of the service is to take the tedious task of inventory amount adjustment out of your hands. But just like all things, sometimes a little intervention is required. So when is manual inventory necessary?

Stock Inventory Counts

Every so often that dreaded time comes along where a business performs a mass-scale inventory of everything that they currently have in stock. Occasionally, be it from human error, computer glitch or act of God, sometimes the count is off. When such times arise, easily make changes to your inventory totals that your channels can draw from, simply and in one location.

Amazon Cancellations

In most cases, a customer making a purchase on has around 30-minutes to cancel the order before it gets submitted for processing. During this time, if said customer does cancel that order, the inventory automatically updates correctly (and CCI knows about it too). But, if that time period has elapsed and the customer decides to cancel an Amazon order, the seller will receive a message from Amazon that the item is to be cancelled. When the seller performs this manual cancellation of the order, inventory does NOT update in Amazon seller central. You will need to go into CCI and adjust the number of the product in question by the amount originally purchased in the order. Remember, all adjustments are made through CCI and not through the channel directly.

Most Channel Product Returns

Product returns are all part of doing ecommerce business, right? Hopefully, products are returned to you as originally sent, in perfect resealable condition, no dents, dings, nicks or scratches and with all the original packaging and paperwork. When all these positive factors line up then its back into inventory! Straight to CCI and update your product total by the amount returned.

As you can see, manual inventory adjustment is not often necessary when using CCI. When it is necessary, our interface is simple, intuitive and fast. As always, any adjustments are recorded and time-stamped in the Events Ledger for you to refer back to.

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What Is The “Primary Marketplace” on CCI?

The CCI Primary Marketplace is considered the “master list” of sorts before the CCI system can take over the inventory management for you. Think of it as the marketplace that teaches CCI what to start with in terms of inventory numbers.

You select the Primary Marketplace to use during your signup on CCI. You can also see and edit this in the marketplaces section of the site.

The Primary Marketplace is a short lived entity in that once CCI has imported all the inventory and synced the data across all the channels, the PM is no longer really necessary.

Important tip – Make sure that before your first import of products and inventory amounts, be sure that the inventory is correct in the Primary Marketplace so avoid having to make tons of changes once imported.

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